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Yay! There’s a real shift in energy. We have sunshine, rising temperatures, and the feeling of more vibrant energy. Watery energy will be around us with melting snow, spring showers as well as elementally in the Cosmos with the Sun now in Pisces and transiting Neptune.

The energy of Pisces ruled by Neptune is fluid, spiritual, creative, and sensitive to subtleties. It can be as confusing as it is imaginative and supporting higher states of consciousness and unconditional love.

Magical and mystical we can use Piscean and Neptunian energy to go beyond polarity and duality and be in touch with Oneness. We can tap into our dreams or escape from everyday reality imagining the future we want.

This is the month to pay attention to your feelings and be consciously aware of other’s feelings also. What feels good? What doesn’t? Notice your emotions and listen to your intuition. You might find yourself called to pull out your angel or tarot cards for clarity and direction for yourself or book a personal reading.

March 13th Mercury Will Be Out of its Retrograde Shadow

The same point it was before retrograding on January 30th. If you’ve taken the time to slow down, finish up, revisit and realign, the energy will now support moving forward with your new sense of certainty and clarity. The combination of the New Moon – a new beginning (13th), the waxing phase of the moon, and the fiery energy of Aries coming in with the Spring Equinox on the 20th it’s going to feel great to progress with increased speed.

If you’ve been feeling the need for more peace or if you’ve been procrastinating getting into a Spiritual practice, the New Moon energy March 13th will support you in getting started in Meditation or Yoga or working more closely with Angelic support.

Start a dream journal and get creative. Start that watercolor painting class you keep putting off. Add more relaxation to your schedule; add more baths, and swims. Enjoy walks by the water and if Covid restrictions have lifted for you, it’s a great time to get back to the pool or the beach.

Full Moon in Libra

With the Full Moon in Libra at the end of the month what will come to fruition or to light for you?

Perhaps a relationship promise will be fulfilled! Perhaps you have the collaborative support you asked for. If you’ve been co-creating with the New Moon energy, take a look back at what you wished for in October last year. See where the intentions or new actions started at the Libra New Moon have led you to now.

With the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, this full moon is going to shine a light on the gap between ourselves and others. We will be prompted or poked to look for that place of inter-dependence and right balance (it’s unlikely that it means all things equal).

Emotions may run high around March 28th with challenges in relationships, around fairness and equality, and maintaining harmony in partnerships. If you’ve been making decisions to appease others, over-riding your own desires, this could be the time for such behaviors and habits to come to an end. To make choices that serve you preferably, without too much drama.

2021, An expansion, Change and Lots Going on Year

The universal number for 2021

 2021 2+0+2+1 = 5

Five is the number of change, expansion, growth, and adventure. It’s a dance between freedom and responsibility. It’s the art of working with disorder and chaos. It can feel like being spread too thin, overwhelmed, or mastery in managing many pieces.

We can’t control external influences; our call is to embrace these magnificent changing times and work with them. Be conscious and aware and tap into the Aquarian energy of healthy detachment and larger world view. We have an opportunity to lighten up, bring more joy and excitement to life and business. Embrace fluidity and flow, growth, change, tweaking, and redirecting energy in new directions.

Numerology for March

March is the 3rd month of 2021

Add 3+2 to 2+0+2+1 and we are all in an 8 month

8 is a month of achievement, authority, power, recognition, and money.

As you look to the external world this month how do you see these topics come to light? (Your personal month gives you your personal focus).

We don’t have to look far in the news to see interactions involving Power, Money, Status, Recognition and Loyalty. Oprah’s interview with the royals certainly touched on all these areas. Power and Authority has changed in a big way in the United States with the new President settling in.

Closer to home wherever we are, everything Covid now has a track record. We can see the results and outcomes as leaders have demonstrated their expertise (or lack of), their visionary abilities and their ability to orchestrate and make things happen.

Many are suffering inner conflict trying to find a balance between loyalty to self and family vs loyalty to the system and authority. The frustration of strong work ethic met with limitations of shutdowns. Many are faced with the challenge of needing to make money vs the freedom to make money. Some have reached new heights in sales and recognition, while recognized and successful businesses, organizations, and institutions have lost their power.

An 8 month in a 5 year can be read as Power, Money, Status, Recognition, and Loyalty in changing and uncertain times. Pivot, adventure, and expansion are all related to the number 5. How do you hold your power in swirling, changing times? It’s a time to get honest with financial positions. To get clear on the right decisions for what’s at hand.

If we bring the Astro influence to meet this numerological perspective our feelings and intuition need to come into the mix. To find peace in what is, difficult decisions and changing choices.

We are being called to find our individual healthy assertive authority and work with what we can control (internal), to positively impact the external conditions. To each find your own healthy balance between the material world (8) and the spiritual (Pisces).

There are a number of days this month that will feel unproductive and hard to make decisions. So be kind to yourself and choose not to make big decisions or grand launches on these days. Instead, we can use this time as a respite to an overworked mind and an opportunity to embrace the space of not knowing. Allow your creativity to soar, your dreams to take flight, and imagine yourself in distant places.

Make room to be inspired. You might find solutions come to you out of thin air. Take advantage of the opportunity to dream of a new future, escape, unwind and slow down on Wednesday, March 10th and Saturday, March 13th, and Monday, March 29th.

Of course, you can try overriding the cosmic forces with willpower and conviction – good luck!!! I suggest you see what happens when you go with the flow, slow your pace, and choose more creative or intuitive activities. Notice what’s confusing, overwhelming and where you have uncertainty. Tune into your feelings of where you are and where you’re going. Use your imagination to discover or design what’s possible.

Of course, we have a team of ours here to give you the clarity you need for important decisions. Insight and foresight of potential and possibilities for your best direction and timing can be seen in your astrology and numerology charts. Energetic evidence to support your soul’s calling, and to confirm your own wisdom, and inner sense.

I hope these insights support you in feeling empowered this month, inspired, uplifted, and confident.

Judy Onorato

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