Address Numerology: Are You Living at the Right Address?

Want to know whether you are staying in the right place? You can calculate your address numerology number to see if your home’s personality matches with you. Here is how you can calculate your house numerology number.

How to calculate the numerology for your house or apartment

To calculate the address numerology number, you need to write down the full number of your home or apartment. Next, add the numbers together and then reduce the answer number to a single digit. The essential part is the house number numerology, not the name of the road.

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If you live in an apartment, your most powerful number is your loft number – not your building number.

Letters have a numeric incentive in Numerology. So take the numeric estimation of the letter (see underneath) and add that to the apartment number or house number.

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Look at what personality each address numerology number carries with it.

House numerology number 1

The 1 home is a spot to set up freedom. It’s about “#1” and its vitality advances development, singularity, aspiration, drive, and initiative. The identity of this house underpins independent work or a functioning vocation. Individuals living in this home will be urged to keep up their autonomy, independence, and individual flexibility. Living here can show you exercises fearlessness, strength, assurance, and flopping forward.

House numerology number 2

The 2 home is a spot committed to love, family, and association. It’s about incorporation, sustaining, and giving a cherishing and safe condition. Its vitality advances cherishing connections, dedication to the gathering all in all, and is an amicable spot to live. Individuals living in this home will be urged to be political and think about everybody’s needs.

Home numerology number 3

The 3 home is a spot that is brimming with happiness and giggling and has a hopeful and energetic vitality. It’s about correspondence, passionate self-articulation, and innovativeness. Its vitality advances mingling, propelled and inspiring discussion, and imaginative articulation. Individuals living in this home will be urged to be candidly delicate and tap into their inventive articulation. Living here can show you exercise correspondence, feelings, satisfaction, and articulation.

Home numerology number 4

The 4 home is a spot to build up security and soundness. It’s about the gradual procedures that produce security. The identity of this house underpins growing a business, a family, or your strong ventures. Individuals living in this home will be urged to keep up preservationist activities, dedicated continuance, and grounded commonsense exercises.

Home numerology number 5

The 5 home is a spot to party and have a great time! It’s about fun, courage, experience, and dynamic thoughts. Its vitality advances adaptability. Adaptability, delight in everything social, and opportunity. The identity of this house underpins building up your feeling of opportunity through self-control – it’s about the valuable utilization of opportunity. Individuals living in this home will be urged to live to its fullest, handle issues with bold surrender, and make lemonade out of lemons.

Home numerology number 6

The 6 home is a position of magnificence and supporting. It’s about home and family and its vitality advances cherishing administration, warmth, sympathy, and is a great home for kids. The identity of this house bolsters maintaining a business and raising a family. This is an ideal home for your administration-arranged business, particularly something in the line of a back rub, vitality work, directing, inside finishing – anything having to improve is in arrangement with the vitality of the 6.

Home numerology number 7

The 7 home is a spot for reflection and examination. The identity of this house underpins building up your feeling of truth. It’s a spot you can truly set aside the opportunity to become acquainted with yourself in a profound and significant way. Individuals living in this home will be urged to discover confidence in themselves and in others, to set aside the opportunity to be independent of anyone else, and to get familiar with whatever you’re explicitly keen on finding out about.

Home numerology number 8

The 8 home is a position of intensity and eminence. It’s about budgetary plenitude, and its vitality advances monetary benefit (and misfortune), control, expert, and accomplishment. The identity of this house bolsters you in excelling in the material world.

Individuals living in this home will in general feel just as cash and accomplishment are top need – accordingly it’s indispensable that you keep up a sound feeling of adoring correspondence with your relatives or they’ll feel disregarded or second on the chain of command.

The vitality of the 8 is about the dominance of cash, yet it’s most noteworthy structure is in offering back to other people and working with the most extreme honesty. This house is frequently a “showpiece,” so be cautious that it speaks to your qualities and does not turn into a vacuous “show home.”

Home numerology number 9

The 9 address numerology number is a position of philanthropy. It’s about beneficent giving, and its vitality advances innovativeness, otherworldliness, magnanimity, and absolution. The identity of this house bolsters you in changing the world to improve it a spot.

Individuals living in this home will in general feel just as they need to offer back to the world generously. The vitality of the 9 is about the giving up – so this is where you can recuperate yourself as well as other people. This home invites everybody and individuals who live here frequently are (or progressed toward becoming) profoundly advanced.


With the help of this guide now you have an idea about address numerology, and you can calculate your house numerology number and see if it’s personality suits you or not.

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