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5 Ways to Heal Your Aura

There are many ways to strengthen and heal your aura. We chose five from among the most effective.

1st way to heal your aura: Take a salt bath or shower in salt water, or take a trip to the seaside

Water has a purifying function in many traditions. It emits negative ions, which are known to stimulate the mind and body, as well as the aura, and purify them of the negative energy that has accumulated over time.

Salt is also known to have a purifying effect and helps eliminate toxins, either mental, physical or spiritual. The act of taking a salt bath or swimming in the ocean helps clean your aura.

2nd Way to Heal Your Aura: Sing or ring a bell or a chime

Sounds have a major effect on your body, your mind, and your aura.

If you like to sing, open up those pipes and belt out a song! Just be sure to sing happy songs that bring you joy, laughter, and positive emotions.


You could also buy a bell or a small mediation gong and regularly listen to their sound.

Sounds can be positive vibrations that have an influence on your aura. The act of singing positive songs and/or striking pure sounds repairs strengthens and heals your aura. 

3rd Way to Heal Your Aura: Smudge your body with healing herbs

Another good way to clean your aura consists of applying medicinal herbs to your body. Sage is recommended, but you can choose any medicinal herb you have an affinity for.

Rub your entire body regularly and energetically, as strongly as you can stand.

Afterward, do not wash. Let the medicinal herb impregnate your body and, in turn, your mind. Its properties will be subtly and naturally transferred to your aura.

You can also practice fumigation by letting yourself be enveloped in the smoke produced by burning medicinal herbs.

4th Way to Heal Your Aura: Use protective gemstones and minerals

There are many crystals and gemstones that you can use to purify your aura, just by keeping one with or near you for a while.

Stones that protect your aura work by absorbing the negative vibrations that have accumulated, and by sending positive energy that recharges your aura.

Stones are very effective, especially for repairing what is called ‘auric energy breaches,’ caused by emotional or physical problems like negative emotions or being sick.

Minerals that are most recommended include citrine, selenium, labradorite, black tourmaline, rose quartz, onyx, and obsidian.

5th Way to Heal Your Aura: Walk barefoot in nature

Another very simple way to cleanse your aura is to connect with the surrounding nature (forests, meadows, etc.) by simply walking and generating positive thoughts.

It’s best to walk barefoot to be in contact with the earth. You should also touch as many plants, trees, and other vegetation as you can. You can also stretch out and lie down in the grass for a few minutes.

Walking in nature is a good way to get rid of negative energy and recharge your vital forces, especially your aura.

Conclusion: A Guide to Cleanse and Heal Your Aura

All the recommendations listed above have been shown to be effective for purifying and strengthening your aura. The energy field that surrounds your physical body is of vital importance if you want to experience happiness, stay in good health, have greater vitality, make your desires come true, and get rid of blockages.

You just need to regularly practice the meditation for strengthening your aura described earlier, and regularly take walks along the paths of life you really want to explore.

Philippe Kerforne

Personal growth and hypnosis coach, writer and columnist

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