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4 Simple Ways to Make Money from 7th March 2019

This Spring the planet of change and sparks of genius moves into the astrological sign which rules money; Taurus. 

After 7 years in Aries, shaking up the status quo, Uranus is now on track to improve our finances and increase our stability, for those of us in ‘the know’ anyway!  We have until 2026 to perfect these areas, but why not start now:

1- Think Unilaterally

Taurus is a fixed sign and set in its ways, there’s no use considering the bigger picture when using the energy of Taurus to manifest growth.

Focus on one area of your life in which you build your finances, one stream of revenue which you think will be more successful for you than any others and doggedly pursue this.

Stubbornness will pay off. No longer will we be subject to the impatience and fast track diversions associated with the sign of Aries. People are looking for stability and predictability now. In a world which has changed quickly and irrevocably in the last decade;


What you know is about to become; what you favor.

2- Global currency

In a world where electronic transactions have become increasingly popular and widespread, it barely matters whether we are trading in dollar, sterling or yan any more.

Taurus may be a slow sign but Uranus is a fast planet and whilst it’s in this sign it will shake up all of the areas associated with the sign most notably affecting how we spend.

Banks are due a big change, and the bitcoin is already ringing in the changes in this arena; as one of the first of many virtual monetary systems. It is clear that the future lies in the virtual, world finances have been virtual for decades after all!

Keep an eye on the virtual money markets, we all know that the bitcoin is on the verge of collapse. Once Uranus moves into Taurus though, we will see the rise of a brand new, virtual monetary system which does become successful. It hasn’t been launched yet, but it’s only a matter of time, and it will rise rapidly once it has!

A smart investment now could be a nest egg in a few years.

3- Use Feng Shui

Taurus is about the soft furnishings and home comforts as well as money. A warm, comfortable home, provides a stable springboard for success.

Adhering to the basic principles of feng shui will unlock any blocks in your financial life; De-clutter your home, especially ensuring that gangways are clear, and all doors can fully open. If your home faces a crossroads, a car park, or a wasteland; fix a small mirror above your front door, facing outwards, to stop the positive energy draining from your home.

Invest in some money plants; Taurus is a green-fingered sign and so the symbolism of these will be more powerful during the next 7 years. Add citrine and clear quartz crystals around the home, especially next to electrical devices to reduce negative ions.

Locate the South East area of your home and add images of success and wealth reminders.

Charity begins and home and prosperity are born there.

4- Learn to focus

We are all guilty of being scattered and disorganised in our modern lives. Just as we are about to do one thing, a message, or point of intrigue diverts our attention. The technology age is both a blessing and a curse, but we can use it work for us, rather than allowing it to rule us.

Turn off your messages and notifications for a couple of hours each evening and do something else. Read a book, write a list of what you want to manifest in your life, listen to your favorite CD or simply curl up with your pet and be present with them, no distractions.

Getting used to calming the mind on a daily basis will increase your overall productivity at work and in the rest of your life.

Starting a regular meditative practice either before you sleep, or when you awake (depending on your natural alertness cycles) will add to this. There are some fantastic guided meditations online now which will help you with; pain management, stressful thinking, psychological blocks and attracting love.

A focused mind attracts tangible results.

Joëlle O'Toole

Joëlle has been studying esoteric sciences, divination, the supernatural and alternative health since her teenage years. Now in her 40s, she has also amassed 20+ years of experience as a pioneering astrologer, psychic and tarot reader. She is also a qualified reiki master, herbalist, and twin flame expert. To find out more about her, or to book a reading contact her at: and as @waxlobster on Instagram.

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