2020: Apocalypse or Extraordinary Opportunity?

To be living during this moment in history is nothing short of an incredible gift. Consider yourself one of the chosen ones. That may sound a bit airy-fairy, but it’s the truth. You have a greater purpose – a global purpose.

Although the world might look grim if you watch the news or follow the headlines, you need to see above and beyond the superficial. Yes, people are dying, there is a major pandemic, political upheaval, war, and unemployment, famine, poverty, homelessness, mental illness has never been worse.

Given the above scenario, how can there be any silver lining in all that? I’m here to tell you, without a doubt, there most certainly is a much greater purpose to all this destruction.

2020 in Numerology

2020 in numerology adds to 22 and 2+2=4. Yet, since it is a 22, we don’t reduce its value to a 4 because it’s a Master Number (10, 11, 22, 33). To reduce its value would be to reduce its power. The 22/4 is the Master Builder. The “Foundation Shifter” – and boy, is it shifting our foundation!

There is a wonderful quote about how a seed looks like it goes through total destruction in order to sprout the plant contained within. This is the world right now. Sometimes we need to completely dismantle something in order to rebuild it the right now.

In 2012, I had a life crisis. I sold my house, everything in it, save for my clothes and pictures. I drove across Canada (I’m originally Canadian) from the far East to the far West. I remember sitting in my empty house with a couple of boxes in front of me on the house closing day thinking, “What have I done?” It was a bit of a shell shock to realize I had nothing to my name but pictures and clothes. It was a reality check but by the time I hit Calgary, Alberta, Canada (far west), my career took off like I never imagined it would. I wrote two books, had tons of media interviews, celebrity clients – all my dreams were coming true.

I had destroyed my old foundation – the one that wasn’t working for me anymore. I surrendered to the need for that and look what happened?

It’s like the cat who, the lower he crouches, the higher he can jump. I had literally scratched my old life. A blank slate.

This is the world right now. I have been predicting for a long while that the United States in particular will crumble and from the ashes will rise a phoenix, so to speak. The Millennials and Baby Boomers are two unique demographics who are poised to grab the bull by the horns and rebuild the world. This I have no doubt in.

Millennials are already embracing entrepreneurialism and for the past 3 years, my clientele has been nothing but Baby Boomers who have said to me, “Michelle, I’ve done this job all my life but now I want to do this.” The “This” is almost always an entrepreneurial venture.

Life as we know it will be very different and although we can get angry about the masks and the quarantine changing our lives, consider it an astronomical gift that one should be so lucky to receive.

2020 is a Foundation Shifting Year and the Numbers Support it

You have just been given a ticket to reinvent the wheel. A pause to reflect and reconsider. 2020 is Foundation Shifting. Translation of that is to transform your life into the life you WANT. Finally – you can have your cake and eat it too.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this time to not complain about being quarantined and trying to get back to “normal.” That old life is long gone. The life you have always wanted is calling your name. Answer it!

To break down the 22/4 Master Builder, it’s comprised of double 2’s, the number of intuition and sensitivity – 2 + 2 = 4, the number of foundation: the square and its four sides (like a house foundation).

What this translates to is an incredible ability to utilize your gut or intuition (double 2’s) to guide your decisions about your foundation shifting.

This foundation shifting can be everything from career, family, friends, pretty much anything that has to do with your everyday operations of life. Many people will often see old friends move out of their life and new one enter during a period like this. It’s simply because you’ve grown in different directions or are now on different levels of existence with different purposes.

Sadly, this is partly why the pandemic has come into our stratosphere at this time as well. It is a time where those who are not meant to continue on into the next phase of human evolution are leaving the planet. It’s an interesting time because it is similar to the Biblical Rapture. Those who are not meant to enter the new phase of existence are leaving the planet.

If you’re still here, it means you’re meant to continue on and are a part of the new global movement. You have a global purpose and are being called to your post. Scary? Maybe. Especially when you don’t know exactly what that calling is.

A Chance to find Your Purpose

A “global purpose” can be an intimidating topic but really, to simplify it, it means whatever you’re meant to do, doesn’t just affect your small, local community, nor is it just a “J-O-B.” It’s a way of life. You live and breathe it. This is your calling.

The whole emphasis of this entire movement is to reintegrate our bodies and souls, which have been disconnected for about the past 100 years or so. Money, power, greed, ruled the show. Now it’s time for soulful purpose to reenter the scene – front and center. We have lived so long with our soul disconnected from our bodies. Like drones walking around aimlessly looking for satisfaction but failing because we didn’t have soul behind it.

The 1900’s, from 1900 to 1999, were by far the years to go down in history for having the most success, achievement, invention, creation, money, power, greed. The consequences of all of that massive spurt in human evolution was the loss of the human soul. That’s right. Our soul was cast aside. We disconnected from ourselves on an internal level. That’s a pretty significant sacrifice.

Within only 100 years, human civilization went from horse and wagon to cars, TV’s, computers, cell phones, miracle medical advancements, and all the creature comforts we’re used to today. Never before have we seen such advancements in evolution and we have yet to see such rapid advancements since.

At the turn of the century, 2000 brought with it a vastly different energy. It replaced the 9 with the 2. Every birthday had at least a one 9 during the 1900’s but at after 2000 rang in, the 9 was replaced by the 2, multiple 2’s, in fact.

What did that do to the energy of the planet? A drastic shift no one was expecting. When the 9 was replaced with the 2, all progress, achievement, and invention seemed to seize to exist. The reason? The 2, unlike the 9, is about passiveness, not high change. It’s the complete opposite. It’s about integration of spirit. To BE.

This is particularly why many of the children born in 2000 and later who have multiple 2’s in their date of birth coincidentally are highly intuitive children/young adults.

It has also been an interesting phenomenon that many of not only the Millennials, but Baby Boomers who are keen on starting a new way of life, a new career, have multiple 2’s. The 21st Century has been a time where everything seemed to halt in terms of production, achievement, success. Unlike the 20th Century, there have been no major advancements, only tweaks on the old, nothing new, per se.

It a time when humanity is on pause in terms of moving forward externally. However, internally, the push to do inner work has been a major driving force due to the multiple 2’s everywhere. In dates, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers, and so much more. It’s a movement of its own kind.

The trouble with the lack of outer movement and a huge increase in inner change and evolution is two-fold. First of all, humans are creatures of habit and for the past hundred years or more, we have been used to the rat-race of being taught we must go, go, go – never stop moving forward. Moving forward in an attempt to accomplish never-ending goals with a means to achieve materialistic or outer, tangible things. Climb the corporate ladder, obtain the bank account, the white-picket fenced house, the cars, the bling, the 2.3 kids and a dog.

Life doesn’t work that way. It moves in cycles of ebb and flow, highs and lows, peaks and valleys. When we’re in an ebb, we start to panic, become agitated, restless, frustrated we’re getting nowhere externally. We fail to realize that it’s a perfectly normal part of life to be in this space in time in order to assimilate and integrate the lessons we’ve learned during the previous flow period.

Instead, we look at the ebbs as times of failure, lost or wasted time. We don’t often look within, take the time to pause, reflect, or slow down. Yet, the more pushing done to move forward physically during an ebb, it becomes a period of pushing the boulder up the hill. Everything is harder, nothing seems to work out right, and for good reason.

For the first time in a very long time, the human race, due to things like the present pandemic and quarantine, are being forced into an ebb period. There are many who are fighting it tooth and nail, pushing hard to get back to “normal” and go full steam ahead as they have always done.

Then there are those who finally realized the silver lining in this particular forced ebb mode. They’re taking advantage of this time to reflect, reassess, reevaluate, and reinvent their lives. Discarding what no longer fits, shifting their foundation in order to build the lives they truly desire.

Due to all the changes globally as a direct result of the quarantining where people are not working, having to reside in the same house for long periods of time with people they normally don’t spend that much time with – their lives are drastically changing right before their eyes whether they see it or not. When this ebb is over and we’re back in a flow, these people will have a stark awakening to the fact that they’re no longer the same person they were. They no longer want the same things in life they thought they did before.

There are many people leaving the planet at the moment. Many as a result of the pandemic but is there more to the algorithm as to why some are dying while others recover? If you’re traditionally religious, you could call this time in history the “rapture” and if you’re of the New Age movement, it is the “ascension.” 

It appears as though many of the people passing on now are those whose purpose is finished at this stage of evolution. Their purpose may not go beyond this point as they’re not meant to be a part of the “New World.” Many of the people who are staying here, surviving this turbulent time are stepping up to their post, their calling, their life path and purpose.

“Jobs” and “careers” like we had in the 20th century will no longer exist like they did. Entrepreneurship, digital bartering, a vastly different society is slowing rising up. It will rise from the ashes and aftermath of destruction when the dust settles from the health crisis, political crisis, and all the other crisis areas we’re contending with. It’s changing all of us, from the inside out, in a profound way. Like the seed, we are being torn apart from the inside out in order to sprout our soul’s message.

There is a reintegration of the human spirit with the human form. We had lost our spirit for quite some time, or rather cast it aside for a predominately physical way of life. Now we’re getting back to basics, rediscovering the important things in life, reintegrating soul with life – and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Michelle Arbeau

Top Numerologist & Life Strategist, Michelle Arbeau is considered the #1 Numerologist in the World, 4-Time Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Syndicated Columnist, Business.com Expert, CEO of Eleven Eleven Productions, and Truth Tribe Productions.

She frequently works with brand names and well-known clients such as Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld, J.J. Abrams, Konica Minolta, Michael Kors, Twilight Vampires, Big Bang Theory Actress, NBC Director, and many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CitiTV, CBC Radio, Kool 101.5, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television. FOX11, CLTV and the History Channel.

Michelle has a numbers-themed documentary is in the works with famed documentary creator Emmanuel Etier who has worked closely with Sharon Stone to create documentaries such as Femme: Woman Healing the World starring big names from all over the world like Maya Angelou and Marianne Williamson.

In late 2016, she launched her own jewelry and products line called Soul Numbers Jewelry & Gifts. Number based, real gemstone sterling silver jewelry and all-natural ingredients in the healing/manifestation bath oils and sprays.

She is the host of her own radio show at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood called Life By The Numbers covering topics of spiritual growth, current affairs, celebrity news and more through the lens of numbers.

Michelle also writes a syndicated monthly numerology horoscope column published by popular sites such as VividLife.me, SimplyWoman.com, SelfGrowth.com, LASplash.com & Lesbian.com.

Her bestselling books, The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration of Language to Manifest the Life You Desire and Soul Numbers: Decipher the Message from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Michelle’s third book, The God Frequency & The 54 Patterns of Creation is in the publication process.


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