2019 March Star Guide

This month’s themes include self-discovery, introspection, solitude, and higher connections. Pisces is taking over, drawing you deep beneath the surface in order to discover hidden truths. Thankfully, the waters are mostly peaceful. March is a month which allows you to take a step back and take a breather before planning your next move. This period is a gift from the universe, giving you a chance to know yourself better. It’s a perfect end to the astrological year, as April brings in new energy and new beginnings. Embrace the opportunity.

March 1st: Venus Enters Aquarius

Love, money, and values are given a shake-up as the Goddess of Love makes her move into quirky Aquarius. You may find yourself attracted to the unconventional. Anything new, innovative or eccentric can manifest during this period. It’s a great time to move away from the pack in order to explore your originality. Aquarius energy is intelligent in the way it seeks detachment from the collective. This change in perspective gives you a chance to take a closer look at yourself and to question your purpose as an individual. So ask yourself, who am I? Aquarius is a sign that moves to the beat of its own drum. The key to mastering its influence is to discover your own unique beat.

March 5-28th: Mercury Retrograde

Pisces energy on its own can be murky and distorted, leading to confusion and disillusionment. When Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces, it may feel like the world has morphed into an alternate universe, leaving everyone a little unbalanced. Communications do not flow seamlessly. Devices and cars may break down. Travel doesn’t go as planned. This is because Mercury’s influence obscures within Pisces’s depths, especially while in retrograde.  If you feel like locking yourself away from the topsy-turvy craziness, that’s a good sign. Solitude is exactly what you need. Use this time to meditate, relax, and appreciate the mental break for all its worth. Pisces is asking you to get quiet in order to hear the answers you’re desperately seeking. By the end of the month, you will emerge with clarity and strength.

March 6st: Uranus Enters Taurus

This marks the dawn of a new era. For the next seven years, Uranus will travel through Venusian-ruled Taurus. This is a time where you can expect the unexpected. We’ve already experienced a taste when Uranus dipped its toes into Taurus last year. Since Taurus is an earth sign, we’re going to see more natural disasters, changes in structures, and a literal shakeup of the planet itself. Uranus’s sense of philanthropy brings people together, redefining the meaning of community. Money and possessions are also given deeper thought. You may find your values changing, sparking an initiative to throw out the old and bring in the new. This goes for relationships as well. The ones no longer serving you may suddenly come to an end in order to make room for new connections. This is the perfect time to start new businesses, new relationships, and creative projects. Uranus in Aries was all about planting the seeds. Taurus will patiently help them grow. Uranus uses these two energies to help you manifest your dreams.

March 6st: New Moon in Pisces

A New Moon occurs when the sky is at its darkest, when the energies are still brewing, and what is coming is still hidden. This particular New Moon is connected to watery Neptune, amplifying your psychic awareness. Put all electronic devices away. Find some peace and quiet. Everything about this period reinforces Mercury Retrograde’s mission to seek information from within. You can’t receive the information under the constant influx of noise from the outside world.


Pisces represents endings, hidden knowledge, and higher connections. With Neptune’s help, you can tap into your intuition. The New Moon is a great time to release karmic baggage to make room for new opportunities. Set your intentions for the future. There is no better time for it.

March 20th: Full Moon in Libra

Full moons indicate culminations, highlight opposing forces, and they show where events reach their peak. This Full Moon falls at 0° degrees of Libra, an indication of powerful forces at work. It’s an astrological representation of an ending as well as a new beginning.

The Aries-Libra axis highlights themes of “self” versus “us”. In order to better understand your role in society, you must first understand yourself.

Libra represents all of your close relationships, such as romantic partners, friendships, business partners, and anyone you closely interact with on a daily basis. During the peak of this Full Moon, you may find yourself evaluating those relationships, questioning whether or not each one serves you, and possibly seeking more fulfillment in this area of your life. It might be time to let the broken ones completely sever in order to allow new relationships to blossom.

March 20th: Sun Enters Aries

The watery Piscean energy shifts slightly as the sun enters Aries. The astrological new year kicks off. There are still several planets in Pisces, but the transiting sun is the light at the end of the tunnel. You begin to feel motivated and enthusiastic about the future. Relationships feel more playful and lighthearted. The energy lends to impulsivity, but it’s not the time for action quite yet. Instead, this is the perfect chance to start planning. Create a vision board and list your goals for the year. You’re turning over the ignition, but you’re not ready to put the gear into drive. First, you must ensure the details are in order. Once Mercury turns direct on March 28, you will finally be given the green light.

March 26th: Venus Enters Pisces

Venus is strong in Pisces because this is where the Goddess of Love reaches higher levels of compassion and understanding. Whereas Venus in Aquarius gave you an opportunity to appreciate your individuality, Venus in Pisces dissolves your boundaries. Pisces’s empathetic nature inspires you to be more loving, affectionate, and forgiving. The idea of romance can often feel magical during this time. Stars shine a little brighter. Music and art become more emotive. And the world feels more connected—but, be careful. Sometimes this transit is similar to wearing rose-colored glasses. Don’t be too trusting. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you.


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