2019 June Star Guide

This month’s themes include adventures, family, nurturing yourself, and communications. June is bursting with activity and full of happy chaos. The first half of the month continues strong with social Gemini energy. Information will feel as if it’s zooming in from every direction, almost quicker than you can keep up with. Jupiter in Sagittarius will play a big part in some of the revelations you experience, challenging your belief systems. Later in the month, the energy will shift and slow down as many of the planets enter soft and soothing Cancer. Your values and your loved ones will be highlighted, reaffirming the most important aspects of your life.

June 3rd: New Moon in Gemini

A New Moon occurs when the sky is at its darkest, when the energies are still brewing, and what is coming is still hidden. Today’s new moon is full of Gemini curiosity. Gemini finds its home in the third house, otherwise known as the House of Communication. This is where we discover our voice. It’s also where we become students, discovering how to learn and process information. After all, the third house mantra is, “I think”. It’s time to ask the right questions of yourself so you can better voice your opinions.

An opposition from Jupiter creates a large thirst for knowledge. You’re seeking new adventures, anxious to start projects, and drawn to more social settings than usual. Be careful not to overextend yourself. The sign of the twins will make you think you can be in two places at once, but you may end up taking on more than you can handle. Gemini’s ability to communicate effectively makes this a good time for writing, speaking, and learning new subjects. New Moons are a powerful time to manifest your dreams. Remember to set your intentions, write down your goals, and set time aside to consider all you’d like to achieve this month.

June 4th: Mercury Enters Cancer

Your intellectual side is softening as Mercury moves into watery Cancer. Rational air and emotional water don’t always flow well together, but these two energies can be useful in the way they broaden our perceptions. Water is emotional and psychic—involving feeling rather than speaking. When Mercury partners with Cancer, connections are deepened and words suddenly have more meaning. Conversations come from the heart and the people around you take time to listen. Make sure you say what needs to be said, have heart-to-hearts with loved ones, and be the shoulder someone needs to lean on.

June 8th: Venus Enters Cancer

Venus rules money, values, and desires. Cancer is concerned with security, family, and home. The blending of these two energies brings domesticated matters, especially those involving security and well-being, to the forefront of your life. Any major decisions become emotionally-charged. This is a good time to redecorate your home, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy family dinners full of comfort foods. In general, it’s the perfect opportunity to nurture yourself as well as others. Venus will emphasize anything that makes you feel secure. The emotional nature of the moon will make you more compassionate and empathetic. It may seem as if you can feel what others are feeling without words. You may also find yourself mothering those around you or concerned with your own mother. Remember to honor these areas of your life.


June 17th Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full moons indicate culminations, highlight opposing forces, and they show where events reach their peak. Today’s full moon is in optimistic Sagittarius. This is the sign of the archer. He has his arrow out, and he’s aiming it toward the stars, reminding you to keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Lately, you’ve been doubting yourself and the decisions you’ve made. A troubling aspect from Neptune may have given you a delusional attitude about your goals, and you’re finally being given all the information. Don’t beat yourself up—learn from your mistakes.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis highlights themes of narrow versus large perspectives. While Sagittarius is concerned with the future, Gemini wants to understand the present. You’re being asked to use the rational, logical part of your mind to look at every detail and reassess. Gemini’s mercurial energy will help you observe, fix the broken parts, and create new plans. Use what you’ve learned to help you move forward instead of dwelling on past mistakes.

June 21st: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to be moving backward instead of its usual forward motion. Astrologically, this represents a period of reflection and delays. Neptune is the ruler of the occult, mysticism, spirituality, and our subconscious minds. This slow-moving planet turns retrograde in the sign of Pisces from now until November 27, 2019. Much of this time will be spent squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius, challenging your belief systems. Neptune’s retrograde period will draw out big, meaningful questions—the ones that define your existence. You’re going inward, but your eyes are open to possibilities. The square is an uncomfortable aspect, forcing Neptune (your subconscious) to battle Jupiter (your beliefs), but the two energies are fighting for the same underlying principle. Each is looking for the divine spiritual journey. During this time, search for growth within your soul. Search for an ability to connect to a greater source of power. As a whole, the conscious collective is shifting. Don’t allow yourself to be left behind.

June 21st: Cancer Season Begins

Kicking off the summer solstice, Cancer season officially begins. It may seem strange that one of the most introverted signs reigns over one of the most social times of the year, but the crab enjoys coming out of its shell around those it holds most dear. This makes it the perfect time of year for family vacations, barbecues, and get-togethers. Cancer energy inspires love, comfort, and family.  Invite those you hold dearest to enjoy the summer festivities with you. Cozy up to your favorite comforts. Spend time at home, enjoying your family unit in whatever shape or form that looks like. More than anything, Cancer wants nourishment. This is your chance to feed your soul.


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