2019 April Star Guide

April’s themes include new beginnings, awakening passions, putting yourself first. Aries is taking over, giving you a gentle shove to get things done. After the topsy-turvy confusion of last month, the world feels more vibrant, clear, and full of limitless possibilities. April is a month which allows you to put your best foot forward and shout your intentions to the world. It’s the perfect beginning to the astrological year—so make sure you take advantage and explore your potential! 

April 5th: New Moon in Aries

Can you feel your inner ignition turning over? The Aries New Moon marks the dawn of a new era. It’s time to leave the past behind and look to the future.

Aries finds its home in the first house, otherwise known as the House of Self. This is where we discover our individuality, ambitions, and passions. Or put more simply, it’s where you discover who you are. So, who are you? Or maybe the better question is—who do you want to be?

The universe is asking you to look at yourself, to take pride in yourself, and to allow your focus to remain there for a while. It’s saying, “Me first!” And there’s no reason to feel guilty about that. You can’t truly care for others without caring for yourself first, and Aries understands that better than any other sign. After all, the first house is where you learn the phrase, “I Am.” Now you must learn how to finish that sentence.

Today is a great day for creating a vision board, writing a business plan, or making a list of goals for the year. New Moons are a powerful time for setting intentions because the energies are still brewing. Declare who you are and what you want for yourself. Keep moving in that straight path Aries is guiding you along. Sometimes it’s a light, breezy stroll. Sometimes, a fast-paced run. And sometimes, it’s Mt. Everest. Regardless of how tough the climb may be, remember you’re still on your way to the top. Keep looking forward.


April 10th: Jupiter Turns Retrograde

The planet of luck turns retrograde in its home sign of Sagittarius, which is where we expand our minds through our beliefs. Retrogrades represent periods of reflection and delays in the astrological world; and in this case, themes surrounding higher education, travel, as well as your sense of optimism may come to a standstill. This is an ideal time to consider how past behaviors affected you in order to plan for the future. Between now and August 11, take a closer look at your beliefs, morals, and your overall outlook on life. Jupiter strives to inspire your confidence, make you a better human being, and raise your vibration to the next level. If you can learn from Jupiter during this retrograde period, you can instill new beliefs and behaviors that will help you reach your goals.

April 17th: Mercury Enters Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication, is officially making its way through Aries, the sign of action. Often this can lead to the foot-in-mouth syndrome as words flow without a second thought. Make sure you’re considering what you say as well as other communications, such as letters, email and your posts on social media.

On the other hand, this transit is an opportune time to receive an influx of new ideas. Aries is the sign of originality. Here, Mercury gains the freedom to explore new possibilities, and your mind is working in overdrive. It’s great for brainstorming and coming up with innovative ways to achieve your goals. More importantly, it allows you to take action. Just remember to be patient, as Aries doesn’t like to slow down.

April 19th: Full Moon in Libra

Full moons indicate culminations, highlight opposing forces, and they show where events reach their peak. What’s interesting about this particular Full Moon is the repeated themes of endings and new beginnings from last month’s Full Moon, which fell at 0° of Libra. This one falls at 29° degrees of Libra. When both the earliest and latest degree of any sign appear, it’s an indication of significant life changes taking place. Because the sun is in conjunction with electrifying Uranus, don’t be surprised if these changes happen suddenly or in surprising ways.

The areas of your life that will be affected are your close relationships. Libra rules over romantic partners, friendships, business partners, and anyone you closely interact with on a daily basis. New relationships may transpire, just as old ones fall to the wayside. Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and don’t cling to the past. It’s time to expand your horizons, and allow for better, more fulfilling relationships to enter your life.

April 20th: Sun Enters Taurus

Leaving Aries’s rocket-fueled blast off into spring behind, the world slows down a little as the sun enters the slow-paced sign of Taurus. Ruled by sensual Venus, we begin to appreciate life’s small comforts and luxuries. We spend more time at the dinner table as well as more time appreciating art and film.

This doesn’t mean the momentum is lost. Whereas Aries allowed you to start the year off with a bang, Taurus understands slow and steady wins the race. This is a time when you should question your values, as well as look at everything you’re trying to build. Since Taurus is an Earth sign, themes of stability, dependability, and practicality are coming to the forefront. Take a look around you. Whether your goal is to build an empire or become your best self, Taurus is asking you to make sure your foundation is solid.

April 20th: Venus Enters Aries

When the planet of love enters Aries, the end result can feel sparky and exuberant. Venus’s diplomacy wanes, and instead, becomes direct and spontaneous. This is a great time to be more assertive, to take a fresh approach to your love life and relationships. Build your self-esteem with a makeover—but be careful of impulse shopping and rash decisions. That shopping spree may seem like a good idea at the time, but your bank account may make you regret it later!

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